CAOT Exam Information

The Certification Exam

  • The OT certification exam is administered by CAOT (Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists) 
  • It is formally called the NOTCE (National Occupational Therapy Certification Examination)
  • Passing the NOTCE is required if you want to practice with a non-provisional (i.e., general) license in Ontario 
  • More Info: NOTCE general information and resources for the exam

When is the exam, and when do I register?

  • The NOTCE is offered twice a year in July and November
  • For Canadian graduates, exam and registration dates are generally as follows:

Exam Date   Registration Opens        Registration Closes 
First Saturday in July (after July 1)          
Third Saturday in November  Mid-July       End of September

More Info: Exam locations and exact registration start dates and deadlines

How much does the exam cost?

  • The NOTCE costs $555.00 (plus the provincial taxes applicable to your exam site)
  • More Info: Exam Fees

How do I prepare for the certification exam?