Telepractice Considerations

  • Are you working in a space that is shared (e.g. home with children)? If so, what are the risks of information being overheard by others? How can you reduce/eliminate the risk?
  • Consider the lighting in your workspace and that of your client’s so as to ensure best ability to utilize video functionality.
  • Is the client end secure? Are there other people around the client that the client may not consent to hearing their personal information?
  • Do you, and the client, know how to use the system competently? Do you need to develop orientation materials and instructions that can be forwarded to your client?
  • Is the internet or cellular access reliable? In your area? In your client’s area?
  • Is there a back-up plan should issues arise such as loss of internet service (e.g. a telephone number to use)?
  • Do you need support or advice from a technology specialist?
  • Does the client have access to the technology supports necessary – computer, webcam, or built in camera, functional speakers?
  • Are you and your patient using a password-protected, secure internet connection, not public or unsecured WiFi?

Before You Begin

  • Review and obtain consent for using telepractice.
  • Discuss payment – ensure the funder will cover care delivered by telepractice.
  • What is the role of parents or caregivers – ensure they will be available.