En-AGE is Launching a...

Contestants are asked to submit photos of seniors engaged in meaningful occupations.

Submissions may be considered for use with OSOT's exciting new public awareness project titled 'En-AGE - Enabling Ageing Well in Ontario'. Your photo could be featured on our website! 

Crave some friendly OT competition?

En-AGE is on a mission to ensure a place in seniors care, and to promote the need for continued and expanded funding of our services, we need to better profile our contributions. We are sourcing photos that highlight the impact occupational therapists can have in supporting seniors immersed in occupation. Enter for a chance to win!

Submit your photos by October 18th, 2019!

What are we looking for? Take a look!

This is Glenda

"When my mobility started fading, I figured this was the end of the road - life would be boring, sedate, and dependent on others to get by. But my OT helped me fight back both emotionally and physically, and now I have the means to get around on my own terms, see my friends and family, and make the most of my time."
This is Stella
"Occupational therapy gifted me the ability to keep making tomato sauce, year after year, without being limited by pain from the arthritis in my wrists. The techniques and workarounds my therapist showed me have allowed me to remain connected to my family traditions."
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