Government Announces Electronic Submission of ADP Applications in place by December 2020

The Ministry of Health has announced that beginning December 2020 vendors registered with the Assistive Devices Program will be able to submit their claims electronically.  View Ministry communique.   OSOT welcomes this change for which we have advocated for some years. 

Details of implementation timelines and process will be forthcoming, however the initiative is part of the Government's Rebuilding Main Street initiative which aims to help Ontario businesses reopen safer, rehire faster and recover from COVID-19 .

Changes to the ADP application process would ensure that when people need their first or a new assistive device—such as a wheelchair, a hearing aid, or other specialized supplies—they are not burdened with unnecessary paperwork and outdated timelines for small business vendors.  By digitizing this process, small businesses that sell assistive devices would be able to upload claims online and receive payment in as little as 1-2 weeks instead of 8. 

Details relating to device category implementation dates can be accessed here.

Technical Specifications Information can be accessed here.