Government engages Ontario Autism Program Professionals Capacity Building Strategy and Workforce Capacity Fund

Further to the Ministry of Children, Community and Social Services announced engagement of Core Services (OT, SLP, Applied Behavioural Analysis and Mental Health Supports), the Ministry has announced a Workforce Capacity Building Strategy to increase access to core service providers in all parts of the province. In the fall of 2020, the Ministry undertook a survey of core service professions to assess capacity. Survey results can be accessed here and identify a need to build capacity, particularly occupational therapy. The Ministry's strategy is described in overview by Minister Merrilee Fullerton. 

View the Minister's message about the OAP Workforce Capacity Building Strategy here. 

Workforce Capacity Fund
One of the initiatives is a workforce capacity fund, a new grant program to support Ontario Autism Program workforce capacity building initiatives. Children's service providers (public and private), Indigenous-led organizations, post-secondary institutions, professional associations and regulatory colleges, not-for-profit organizations and community groups are eligible to apply to the fund.

This new, time-limited fund will provide 12-month grants to support capacity-building activities and projects led by children’s service providers and their community partners. The ministry will be accepting applications from now until September 19.

Professional associations and regulatory colleges are eligible to apply for funding, in partnership with children’s service providers, under the Sector Innovation Stream. Some of your members may also be eligible to apply as children’s service providers.

Learn more about the Ontario Autism Program Workforce Capacity Fund and how to apply here. 

The Ministry will be providing information sessions on the following dates:

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