OTs can Now Register for Ontario Autism Program Provider List

The Ontario Autism Program (OAP) provides families of autistic children and youth with needs-based funding for services. The program components have been gradually launched with the latest being Core Services which includes occupational therapy, along with speech language pathology, applied behaviour analysis, and mental health services. Core Services were launched to a small group of clients in March 2021.  View details.

Autism Ontario hosts the OAP Provider List to assist families to find qualified providers to meet their child’s needs.   Now occupational therapists are able to register on the OAP Provider list.  While being listed on the Provider List gives your practice increased visibility and assures parents that therapists are qualified, it is not required that therapists secured by families be from the Provider List.  

Eligibility Requirements:

Occupational Therapists who wish to join the OAP provider list must meet the following required qualifications:

  1. Registered and in good standing with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario (COTO).

  2. At least one year of post-registration experience providing direct treatment/intervention* to autistic children and youth, acquired within the last five years. Experience providing only indirect services (for example not seeing clients or families on a regular basis to support the use of specific strategies to help clients meet their goals) does not count towards the one-year experience requirement.

  3. A recent vulnerable sector screening or police records background check, completed within the past year.

  4. As part of their College registration, providers must have professional liability insurance (purchased individually or through an employer).

  5. Adhere to a professional code of ethics (such as COTO code of ethics) and standards of the profession.

How to apply for the OAP Provider List:
  1. Review OAP Provider List Provider Resources

  2. Review eligibility criteria and gather requirements including:
    a. Your COTO Registration number
    b. Letter from employer outlining start and end date, job duties and population served
    c. A recent vulnerable sector check completed within the past 12 months
    d. Proof of professional liability insurance

  3. Apply to join the OAP Provider List.  Note that you will be asked to make a declaration of compliance.

  4. Wait for approval: fully completed applications will be reviewed by Autism Ontario weekly, however, as submission numbers increase, there may be a longer wait period.

Implications for Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapists work with autistic children and youth and who meet the eligibility criteria should consider registering for the OAP Provider List. Parents and caregivers within the OAP will look to the Provider List to seek out professionals who can provide needed services to their children. Having a selection of occupational therapists readily available will promote the visibility of the profession and improve access to care.

Not eligible? OTs not currently eligible for the list, should seek opportunities to gain the needed experience through mentorship, volunteering, work experience, education and more. OSOT can support you through our Mentorship program, Professional Development offerings, and Annual Conference.

Let OSOT know how else we can support your needs by emailing us at osot@osot.on.ca.