Ontario Budget 2019 - Protecting What Matters Most

On April 11, 2019, Ontario’s Conservative Government introduced it’s first provincial budget, Protecting What Matters Most.  Ontario’s provincial budget totals $163.4 billion for 2019 – 20.  The sheer magnitude of the health sector budget within the overall budget reminds occupational therapists that they are part of the province’s largest industry.  Health spending in 2019 – 20 will consume 38.9% of the budget at $63.5 billion.

Occupational therapists work across diverse sectors of the province's health care system and in contexts that lie outside of health care.  For this reason a variety of components of the Budget are of interest to the profession.  OSOT has compiled those commitments of the Budget that we believe to be of most interest to Ontario occupational therapists.   The summary document provides highlights alone - more detail and the nuance of the government's intent can be accessed with a more thorough read of the Budget document

View OSOT's summary of key commitments of Ontario's Budget 2019 of interest and relevance to occupational therapists.

OSOT members are encouraged to consider the challenges or opportunities that this budget presents to access to occupational therapy services, the work of occupational therapists and supports to the clients OTs serve.  OSOT’s Strategic Advocacy Team and Practice Sector Teams will be reviewing the budget and will welcome member thoughts and reactions.  Forward your comments to osot@osot.on.ca.