Ontario Engages Public Consultation Survey on Auto Insurance Rates and Reform

The Ontario Government is conducting a survey of drivers and consumers to share their views on how to lower the province's auto insurance rates as part of its commitment to making life more affordable.

Consumers and businesses are invited to share their views by visiting the Online Survey and by providing input no later than February 15, 2019.

The Putting Drivers First consultation will coincide with a review of Ontario's auto insurance rate regulation system, jointly conducted by the Ministry of Finance and the Financial Services Regulatory Authority of Ontario, as mentioned in the 2018 Ontario Economic Outlook and Fiscal Review. The review will examine practices in other jurisdictions and identify opportunities to achieve greater efficiencies and introduce more competition in the system.

The consultation represents the latest step to get auto insurance costs under control in Ontario. In addition to meeting with auto insurance stakeholders to get ideas on ways to modernize the system by cutting red tape, Ontario is:

  • Working with the Member of Provincial Parliament for Milton, Parm Gill, on his proposed legislation that, if passed, would eliminate the unfair practice of discriminating against drivers simply based on where they live
  • Creating a regulatory framework that allows for a more modern auto insurance sector, including electronic communications, and electronic proof of auto insurance
  • Moving toward full electronic commerce, similar to what is already provided by other financial institutions today, including banks and credit unions


Implications for Occupational Therapists
OSOT encourages all members to complete the survey offering perspectives as drivers and/or persons who could be involved in a motor vehicle accident.  Occupational therapists working in the province's auto insurance system will have unique insights and perspectives on strategies that could increase efficiencies and effectiveness in the auto insurance sector.  OSOT has proactively met with the Ministry of Finance to position occupational therapists' issues and to ensure OSOT and occupational therapists are fully engaged in any reform agenda.