Premier's Council on Improving Healthcare & Ending Hallway Medicine First Report Released  

On January 31, 2019, the Government released the first report of the Premier's Council on Improving Healthcare and Ending Hallway Medicine.    The Council was created on October 3, 2018 with a mandate to provide the Premier of Ontario and the Deputy Premier and Minister of Health and Long-Term Care with strategic priorities and actions leading to :

  • improved health and wellness outcomes for Ontarians
  • higher patient satisfaction
  • more efficient use of taxpayer's dollars
  • lower wait times

Hallway Health Care:  A System Under Strain is the first report of the Council.  View a video in which the Council Chair, Dr. Rueben Devlin, talks about the Council’s first report - their assessment of current issues and pressures on the system and identified opportunities for improvement.  It is expected that the Council will next report in the Spring.

Implications for Occupational Therapists

OSOT urges members to review the Premier's Council report.  It is expected that the Council input to government will be influential to policy direction and health system transformation in the province.  We suspect that occupational therapists will see opportunities for the profession and occupational therapy services to advance system solutions and we want to promote these ideas to the Council as they continue to develop recommendations.

Ontarians are invited to respond to the Report.  Why not share YOUR comments and suggestions as an occupational therapist?  You can forward input to the Council here.   OSOT will be responding to the Report and will value membership input.  Send your comments to