OSOT Seeks Part-time Contract Project Coordinator
Achieving Extended Health Insurance Coverage of Occupational Therapy Services

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists seeks a part-time Project Coordinator for a 3 month contract to coordinate the development and launch of an advocacy strategy targeted to increase coverage of occupational therapy services in extended health insurance policies.

The Challenge….
While Canadian life and health insurers indicate a willingness to provide coverage for occupational therapy services in extended health insurance policies, few employment policies include such coverage and insurers’ packaged policies, accessible to the general public, seldom promote coverage of occupational therapy services.  This limits consumer access to important services that are not covered by the publicly funded health system, creating financial barriers to accessing private occupational therapy services.

The Ontario Society of Occupational Therapists’ new strategic plan, asserts a renewed commitment to advocate for extended health coverage of occupational therapy services.  It is understood that a successful strategy may need to influence multiple stakeholders – insurers, employers, unions, and the general public.

The Position….

This contract will focus on;

  • Review of nation-wide strategies to date to learn from past OSOT experiences and those of other OT organizations 
  • Identification of key issues to address amongst key stakeholders to effect change
  • Search for/identification of relevant OT literature/evidence that may be support an advocacy/promotion strategy
  • Development of a strategy to advance stakeholder knowledge of OT and the cost benefits of inclusion of occupational therapy services in EHI policies, including budget implications
  • Development of resources to support implementation of approved strategy
  • Development of strategies to engage OSOT members in this work

​The project has been structured around the following terms of contract;

  • Approximately 3 months – July – September 30, 2018
  • 3 days/week  (some flexibility)
  • Linkage with the OSOT Office in Toronto (accessibility for meetings an asset)
  • Some limited travel within the province may be required

View Call for Applications. 

Deadline for applications is July 4, 2018.